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ProVent-logo-RGBProvent Technology – The Science

ProVent’s bioceutical formulation is based on a century old combination of botanical extracts derived from medicinal herbs. ProVent bioceuticals boost the skin’s natural immunity and its healing potential, reversing the effects of damage caused by eczema, psoriasis, dermitis and other skin conditions. Skin renewal and recovery initiates below the skin surface, at the bottom of the epidermis, and moves upward, which takes time. Our team of researchers and clinicians have identified a novel combination of micronutrients focused on providing skin with the building blocks necessary to repair and prevent irritation.

The Intradermal Delivery System (IDS) is a patented and patent-pending technology that allows for the effective delivery of medicinal, nutritional, or cosmetic ingredients into the skin.  The IDS technology is based off of Nobel Prize winning research (see study).  ProVent’s skincare scientists have identified a complex matrix of skin-essential nutrients in a broad range of botanical ingredients. Each Intradermal formulation is designed to address specific skin challenges. ProVent®’s proprietary formulas deliver nutrition where it is most needed – the emerging skin.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 12.42.07 PMThe data to the right shows comparable response we have seen in our studies. In a pivotal multicenter double blind placebo controlled study comprising 72 patients with severe AD 90% of all of the treatment arm responded with a reduction in disease activity by greater than 85%. Our clinical studies show that, in the most severe cases, desired results were achieved in 12 weeks and noticeable results were observed in 4 weeks, with twice daily application to affected areas. Patients with mild to moderate symptoms experienced more rapid results. ProVent Bioceutical Relief contains 25 herbal extracts that work together to help the body repair and defend against chronic skin issues. ProVent’s patent pending clinically proven Bioceutical formula was designed to naturally address the pain, discomfort, and damage associated with problem skin. Other products you may have tried are designed to mask symptoms, providing only limited short-term relief. ProVent’s Bioceutical formula uses a “Total Regeneration Strategy” to help the body repair and defend against future outbreaks.

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